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We are New Haven Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing New Haven, CT. If you need an animal removal service that can respond quickly to your problem, then our emergency animal removal service should be your first point of contact. Whether you have found wild animals in your home, or there is a snake in your garden that you do not want to approach, then call us 24/7 and one of our technicians will be dispatched to your property to help. Our friendly telephone operators can also provide some simple techniques that you can try to use as well, if it is safe for you to try and remove the animal yourself. Our principles as a company has always been to offer a reliable and informative service, while working to the highest possible standards. Whether your animal problem is in a domestic or commercial property, our commercial liability insurance means that you can rest assured that all of our work is fully covered should anything happen while we are dealing with your animal problem. All of these reasons have helped to contribute to us proudly being awarded as being the best animal removal company in the area for the last two years! Call us now at 203-987-3440 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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New Haven Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Killing New Haven Rats with Coke

For those who are suffering from a rat infestation problem, they will be willing to try any possible solution. From the commercially-available repellents to the home remedies, you will need to determine the method that can help you get rid of them permanently. Some people believe that soft drinks can kill them. They suppose that since the rat does not have the capacity to release gas; the build-up of gasses can rupture their stomach. In this article, we will determine if there is any truth to this matter.

Can Coke Kill Rats?
Coke is a renowned home remedy against New Haven rat infestation that has been tried by different people. However, a lot of them also claimed that coke will not be effective against them. Since it will probably be the cheapest and most accessible rat poison that you can use, let us look first on the possibility that it can kill the rat.

How to Use Coke in Killing a Rat
If you plan to kill the rats using soft drinks, you will need to prepare a cola drink such as Pepsi or Coke. There is absolutely no rule that you have to restrict yourself from using Coca Cola. As long as it is a carbonated drink, then you can use this for controlling the population of rat. Carbonated drinks have that sweet taste that will attract the attention of the rodents. Simply pour a decent amount of soft drink in the plate. Putting them on a plate will make it easier for the rat to drink them. Proper placement also matters. You need to remember that New Haven rats are cautious creatures. They prefer not to touch the things that are new in their environment. If you place it in the area with no rat activity, there is a low possibility that they will have a taste of the carbonated drink. By that time, the carbon content of the coke has already dissipated. Theoretically, once the rat ingested a sufficient amount of Coke, their stomach will be filled with gasses. Normally, the human’s reaction to this change is to burp to release the accumulated gas. However, rats do not have the capacity to do this. This means that their stomach can possibly burst and it may kill them.

Will It Work?
Some people claimed that it will be effective against rodents but there are also other who said that it will not work. Individuals who own mice or New Haven rats as pets reported that they have been giving their pet with coke but their pet is showing no reaction. According to the report, there is only a low possibility that this method will work. If you have a can of soft drinks in your fridge, then you may try it. Coke is affordable and readily available; there is absolutely no harm in trying. On the off chance that this method did not work for you, you should try to hire the service of the professionals. They can deliver the best procedure at a cost that you can afford.