H Humane New Haven Mouse Removal

Humane New Haven Mouse Removal

New Haven mice hate the piercing cold of the winter season. They prefer to take shelter on a warm and cozy area and the best place to find that is within our home. Just imagining this fact will make you shiver. You are probably thinking if there is an effective way to get rid of them. One would immediately think about poisons. However, using lethal methods can also negatively affect the household members. This is why we often recommend you to stay away from using them. There are humane mouse removal methods that will help you get rid of them without any issue.

Get Rid of the Mouse Humanely
Lethal mouse traps and poisons will make it difficult for you to deal with the carcass of the New Haven mice. If you don’t find their remains quickly, their body will enter a state of decomposition and will release a decaying scent all over the house. The traditional mice poison will cause internal bleeding that will lead to excruciating death. Fortunately, there are other methods that do not involve the use of strong chemicals.

Live Traps
In case you encountered a full-blown mouse infestation that requires more than just the preventative method, using live traps would be your best option. You will be able to attract the attention of the mice by using the best bait. Once the mouse activated the metal rod, the door of the mouse will close trapping the creature inside. Live traps are effective in capturing the animal without harming it. This should be used during the early stage of the infestation when the population is still within your control. There are various types of traps sold in the market today, be sure that your chosen trap will suit your situation.

Where to Place the Trap
Try to place the traps where you frequently see the mouse. You may also position it in a place where there are mouse droppings. Usually, their movement pattern would be found at the back of your house appliances and closet. Place your live trap in a manner that is perpendicular to your wall. The part that is baited should be situated closest to your wall.

What Bait Should You Use?
The effectiveness of your live trap will be determined by your bait. If your bait cannot catch the interest of the New Haven mouse, then they will just ignore it, even if you place it within their movement pattern. The best types of bait would be nuts and crackers. Coat it with peanut butter to make it more tempting in the eyes of the mouse. Chocolates and other food with high sugar content are also great options. After capturing the mice, you will have to set them free. You should relocate them at least one mile away from the place where you captured them. Mice can easily find their way back to your home if you release it close to your property. You should also cover all the entry holes in your house since other creatures will take this as an opportunity to invade your property once the family of the mice is gone.

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