H New Haven Skunk Poop vs. New Haven Raccoon Poop

New Haven Skunk Poop vs. New Haven Raccoon Poop

Usually, you will discover the damages in your property after the culprit is already gone. This is especially true when the wildlife creature is nocturnal. Fortunately, you can still identify the unwanted guest that is invading your property by analyzing its droppings. When examining the poop of the creature, you should avoid direct contact with it. It may contain parasites and pathogens that can transmit deadly and serious diseases.

New Haven Skunk Poop
The feces of the skunk will normally measure at about 1.2 inch diameter and may extend up to 2 inches in terms of length. Their droppings are often compared to the feces of our feline friend. The only difference is that it may contain different shapes and colors. The state of their droppings can change depending on the content and the weather. Skunks are omnivores and the various food sources can be found in their poop. Sometimes, it may contain fur and insect. Their feces serve as the secondary sign of their activity. Apart from the damage, this is one of the best ways to identify the severity of the skunk infestation.

Dealing with the Skunk Poop
Just like the different biological wastes, having a direct contact with the poop of the New Haven skunk and ignoring the proper sanitation will increase the probability that you will acquire zoonotic disease. When you are eliminating the excrement of the skunk, it is highly recommended to wear some protective gears such as masks, goggles, and gloves. If you have a wound, you need to properly cover it before you deal with the droppings of the skunk. It is also important to dispose the droppings properly to guarantee that your environment will stay safe and clean. Place it in a bag that is tightly sealed.

New Haven Raccoon Poop
With regards to the droppings of the raccoon, their feces will usually have that tubular shape. The edges of the excrement are blunted and the color is generally dark. Nonetheless, the color may still vary depending on the food that they consumed. New Haven Raccoons are known to be nuisance creature. They will invade our garbage cans when hunting for their meals. Droppings of the raccoons are found in the hayloft, wood piles, attics, and roofs.

Cleaning the Raccoon’s Poop
You should proceed with utmost care when dealing with the excrement of raccoons. Their excrement can contain the eggs of the roundworm. Once we accidentally inhale it, it can irritate our respiratory tract. It can also cause damage to our nervous system. Just like when cleaning the feces of the skunk, you should also wear protective gears. In the event that you do not have the protective gears, it is recommended to let the professionals handle the cleaning and sanitation of your house. Remember that the eggs of the roundworm have the ability to resist strong chemicals. They can also survive for long years as long as ground is damp. The wildlife specialists are aware on what cleaning solution they should use to destroy the roundworm eggs. They have the equipment and training necessary to clean the excrement safely and successfully.

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