H Can New Haven Squirrels Chew Through Walls?

Can New Haven Squirrels Chew Through Walls?

Are you hearing peculiar noises in your walls at night? In case you hear some scratching sound, there is a possibility that you have an unwanted guest in your house. New Haven Squirrels have the capacity to chew on almost anything even construction materials. This constant chewing and gnawing is meant to control their continuously-growing teeth. Once they chew the wood materials that serve as the foundation of our house, our structure may weaken and it can be vulnerable to severe damages.

Signs That There Are Squirrels in Your Walls
The persistent scratching on the walls is probably bothering or annoying you. The next step is to find some signs of squirrel infestation. Squirrels love to chew any kinds of materials that are found inside our home. Sometimes, they will use the materials to build their nest but oftentimes, they only want to control the growth of their teeth. There are no materials that are safe from the sharp teeth of the squirrels. Droppings and urine marks of the squirrels are the usual signs of infestation. The urine marks that they will leave behind will appear like a water stain. In case you notice a stain in your walls, you need to confirm if this is a water mark or not. Furthermore, they are not very good in building their nest. They tend to create mess when making their den. Visit your attic and find out if there are piles of different materials that resemble a nest. Tracks can also be used to identify if there are squirrels in your walls. The back paws of the squirrels are generally larger and it has 5-toe print. On the other hand, the front paws are a bit smaller and will only appear like a 4-toe print. When there is a severe infestation of squirrels inside your home, it is not uncommon to hear the sound of squirrel fighting.

Damages That New Haven Squirrels Cause
Once you noticed the different signs of squirrel infestation, you need to get them out of your property immediately. Otherwise, they can cause severe structural damages especially if they are hiding in the void of our walls. Once they made it inside our walls, they will gnaw different construction materials which can greatly weaken the foundation of our house. Furthermore, they will also chew on our electrical, telephone, and cable wires. This can lead to expensive repairs. In addition, the damaged electrical wires may also cause accidental fires and electrocution. The stress and the additional repair expenses can be avoided if you properly remove the squirrels out of your property and perform the necessary maintenance. Perhaps an excellent solution to your New Haven squirrel infestation is to employ the service of the expert wildlife removal agency. They can provide you with a comprehensive, humane, and long-term solution. They can guarantee that the vermin will no longer return to your property. They have the ability to identify the cause of the infestation, perform the necessary steps for a successful eviction, decontaminate your place, relocate the specie, and provide necessary tips to avoid future squirrel infestation.

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